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environmental-tree“Sustainability is the beneficial actions which you take today that in the future have the same or better benefits.”

The environment is becoming an ever more important issue within the construction industry and within our everyday lives. With new buildings now being scrutinised for their environmental impact, it is up to us as the contractors to achieve the lowest environmental impact possible.

At Moore Decorators Herts Ltd we are dedicated to reducing our own impact on the environment and the impact of the products that we use. As an organisation that is involved in many large scale decorating projects it is paramount for the evolution of the company that it has a positive effect on the environment rather than a negative. Moore Decorators will always take a proactive approach to environmental issues.

Sustainability and reduction in waste are bywords for a happy and productive working environment, which is particularly important for a growing organisation in a future that is dependent on a healthy environment. In order to stay one step ahead, Moore Decorators has made a commitment that will focus on important issues and ensure a safer future for everyone.


Moore Decorators Sustainability Commitment:

  • Through our in-house training we will share our knowledge and awareness of client expectations and environmental impacts.
  • Encourage all employees to become environmentally aware and proactive.
  • We will reduce our carbon footprint by lowering levels of energy usage.
  • We will take a proactive approach to environmental issues on all decorating products and paints which contain high level VOC content, reducing them to solvent free and lower VOC emissions.
  • Where possible we will prevent, recycle and reduce waste. We will also continue to highlight our non-polluting policy.
  • At all times we will act in a responsible, sensible manner that is beneficial to our client, employee and the environment.
  • We will make Moore Decorators known to all of our clients and partners by strengthening relationships, supporting education and encouraging involvement within our supply chain.
  • We will endeavour to extend our sustainable sourcing.
  • We will prove our commitment by continuing to work with our colleagues, clients and partners to provide a sustainable future.

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